Emotional Branding is a concept that is being discussed more everyday as experts and companies are starting to realize there is far more to effective PR than just exposure. That really is about advertising, and it’s very important. It builds credibility. 

However, the experts who are the most effective in raising their platform and become a thought l...

One of the obstacles that plague all authors and experts is the fact there are just so many other experts in every topic in today’s world. Distinguishing yourself from others in your area of expertise is the most important marketing activity you will pursue. You can secure the most highly visible media placements available, but if you are not memora...

There are three primary reasons best-selling authors sell millions of books.

1. They have created their brand prior to releasing their book.

2. They have created emotionally charged, strategy focused content to support their book.

3. They have a global platform they can leverage for the release of their new book.

When Deepak Chopra or Tony Robbins relea...

As the economy continues to struggle I see an ongoing tragedy in the publishing world. Authors, experts and others who have valuable and significant products and services to offer aren’t able to create exposure and demand due budget constraints. Publishers aren’t promoting as many books as they once did, bookstores are closing and far less people ha...

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