Discover the Secrets to Effective Online PR

 Emotional Branding

“Anne has a profound gift through her Emotional Branding Design for seeing

her clients in such a great light, and then she just helps us burn brighter!

It’s true, and I’m grateful for her efforts!”

~ Kristine Petterson: Sleep Consultant, Yoga Instructor & Doula



My proven Emotional Branding Design™ includes crucial branding elements

you need to know to effectively promote your products and services,

and to then translate those to support meaningful revenue models.

Publicity is far more effective with a strong Emotional Branding Design™ that creates loyalty, and 

strategically integrates your brand into your website, content and PR materials over time

on relevant media outlets.


Creating your Emotional Profile™ is the secret to the "Tony Robbins" effect.

I guide you on how to build a solid connection between your gift and what

audiences experience on a deep emotional level.


We will cover these and more…

* Clearly Define Your Emotional Demographic™

* Identify Your Microdemographic™ 

* Assess the Competitive Landscape

* Assess Your Current Revenue Models for Brand Appeal



      *  Short Term Goals

      *  Long Term Goals

      *  Monetization Models

      *  Exposure Strategies

      *  Credibility Integration 


Assess specific branding elements…

* Your Messaging – Tag Line

* Website Look and Feel To Position Your Emotional Profile™

* Call to Action to Support Revenue Models and Create Loyalty

* Credibility Integration

* Online Expert Positioning


Create your online media wish list…

* Expert Placement Positioning

* Diversity of Placements to Reach Emotional Microdemographics™

* Credibility Positioning

* Organic SEO Considerations

* Traditional Media Targeting and Presentation Strategies


Content Guidelines…

* Review Convertible Content Strategy

* Design Your Strategic "Content Map" for Powerful Placements 


Determine effective online placements…

*  Accuracy of Posting 

*  Analysis –; Sign ups; Sales

*  Promotional Support; Cross Linking Integration

*  SEO Benefit

*  Expert Placement Option

*  Google Alert


Conversion Effect Strategies…

*  Create Strong Branded Product Tie-Ins 

*Strategic Linking Systems

* Adjust Your Emotional Profile as Your Business Grows

Leverage Media Exposure 

* Create Ongoing Brand Loyalty and Expansion

Anne Leedom PR
Anne Leedom PR is a national public relations and publicity firm
devoted to media experts, life coaches, speakers, film, authors
and lifestyle brands in the consumer space. We work with
individuals and companies that are breaking through to the
next level, using Emotional Branding Design™ and powerful media support, creating new pathways globally to impact their audiences. Our connections, experience, insight, strategic expertise and daily
excitement within our team motivates media outlets to support
your brand aggressively. Each client receives a custom strategy based on targeted media platforms and Emotionally Branded campaigns that grow brands into
a presence that connects in exciting and meaningful ways.

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