Anne Leedom|PR provides customized packages to accommodate each client’s

needs regarding specific options and budget. 


Full packages include Emotional Branding Design, Website and Content Presentation Review,

Online Media Placements, Media Positioning Materials and Reporting and Assessment.


The specifics of each package vary, depending on your which services you include and the number of media outlets chosen. We work with Media Experts and Authors, Life Coaches, Speakers, Thought Leaders, Children’s Book Authors and Fiction Authors, all who can develop content to support their work.

We offer full packages in 90-day increments. Contact us to review current opportunities and fees.















Attracting speaking, coaching, paid writing opportunities, 

corporate spokesperson events and other business expansion options are the result of building a 

powerful global online media platform. This often produces the following:

  • Increased credibility

  • Organic SEO for your chosen keywords

  • Exposure to millions in your targeted demographic

  • Convertible content will be shareable, will convert to support your revenue models and be searchable by leading producers and event planners over weeks, months and years to come. Working with leading websites who will promote your work in exchange for your content is the first step to creating your Global Expert Platform. 

  • Creating emotional charged content that includes the strategic elements that support your revenue models is the Anne Leedom PR trademark that makes the difference between simple exposure focused on immediate results and content with global impact for years to come.


We are unique in what we provide so you can make the difference you want to make in the world. 


Contact us to discuss our current placement opportunities and how we can support your brand. 

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