Vivace Maxvictor

Fierce Self Confidence and Self Worth

Vivace Maxvictor is an experienced life coach who offers Fierce Self Confidence coaching across the globe. She has a Masters in Biology and continued her education at Cornell Medical School, where she graduated from the Surgical PA program. She combines her strong medical background (and the principles of neural plasticity) with her innate passion and understanding of human psychology and behavior, to bring a fresh, dynamic and unique perspective to the speaking & coaching arena. Vivace’s central objective is to “Empower Fierce Transformation”. 


She conducts personal, business and group coaching and consulting, and she has lead numerous highly successful Power Seminars. Vivace has been acknowledged for helping her clients to break through longstanding emotional and mental blocks. She believes “When clients are no longer haunted by the psychological baggage of their past they can joyfully and fiercely pursue their innermost desires.”

Vivace's Speaking Appearances Include

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