Touch people's hearts and you will have the profound capacity to impact people's lives. 

How you are positioned on media outlets goes beyond exposure

and defines "true PR"


Public Relations is about designing a strategy to distinguish

how you relate to the public. 


Publicity is the process of securing the exposure to represent your brand on a 

global stage. Most experts, authors, speakers, life coaches and products focus

only on exposure, which often does not secure lasting ROI.


Let's change that together. 

In the current economic and social climate, people are going online for support

more than every before. Building a solid online expert platform is essential to connect with 

audiences and provide services and products that are truly meaningful.


* Consulting - Emotional Branding Design/Website & Content Presentation

* Media Expert & Branding - Trusted Authority

* Thought Leader

* Children's Book Author

* U.S. Online Media Platform - International Clients

*Fiction Package - Online Media Blast 

Why build a highly effective media platform as a trusted authority?

Increase webinar and speaking business, attract book deals, create new products and services,

build an online coaching business, publish e-books, grow your YouTube channel, attract sponsors, 

secure corporate spokesperson events, develop your consulting business, start a movement,

leverage your platform to launch a podcast or TV show, and much, much more.


This is the power of an Emotionally Branded, strategically linked and consistent, highly credible online media platform. Building a media platform to attract the opportunities that support your message and your business is our goal.

Anne's proven Emotional Branding Design includes strategic 

methods to move you to the next level. Being properly 

positioned is the crucial factor that attracts TV opportunities, creates

conversion and gives you the most important ROI you can have

....the power of CHOICE to build your business.

Top tier experts focus on making a difference in people's lives

over making a living. They #motivateandinspirehumbly with true intention

and passion and with consistency and credibility on a global stage.

Working with experts, authors, coaches, speakers,

films and products since 1999. View Reviews.


Anne Leedom PR has built the global online platforms and strategic branding presentation for more than 700 clients since 1999.

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Emotional Branding:

Seven Insights to Build Audience Loyalty

Becoming a globally prominent expert authority is something many authors strive for, but struggle to achieve. The name of the game for most experts is exposure and credibility...


How To Be Your
Own Publicist

As the economy continues to struggle I see an ongoing tragedy in the publishing world. Authors, experts and others who have valuable and significant products and services to offer aren’t able to create exposure and demand due budget constraints. Publishers aren’t promoting books as they once did...

The Crucial Tool that Builds Best Selling Brands

One of the obstacles that plague all authors and experts is the fact there are just so many other experts in every topic in today’s world. Distinguishing yourself from others in your area of expertise is the most important marketing activity you will pursue. You can secure the most highly visible media placements available, but if you are not...

"Anne has a profound gift through her 

Emotional Branding Design for seeing her clients

in such a great light, and then she just

helps us burn brighter! It’s true, and I’m

grateful for her efforts!”

~ Kristine Petterson: Sleep Consultant, Yoga Instructor & Doula

The Three C's of Highly Effective PR


A strategically Emotionally Branded message that will Connect with audiences, Credible media exposure and Consistent placements over time on select media outlets who match your demographic and support your brand.

That's what works.

PR Up Close:

ROI and Expectations




Combining old school methods of PR, along with the latest cutting edge technology for expert branding and presentation is what sets my services apart. I work with you closely to strengthen your brand, your voice, your message and your revenue models, then position you as a leading expert on today's websites.












"Anne Leedom provides the professionalism and the results that give my books and my site the momentum they need. She worked with me to create my brand and position me as the GO-TO resource in my area of expertise. Her placements both online and on national TV outlets, gave me the credibility and exposure to take my business to a global platform. I couldn't have succeeded without her expertise, creativity and connections."

Dr. Michele Borba Testimonial

~ Dr. Michele Borba; Author,

Parenting Ongoing Contributor -

The Today Show  


Case Study


Dr. Borba had written one parenting book when we connected in 2001. She has since written more than 3 dozen books, appeared on the Today Show and other national media hundreds of times, dramatically increased her fees for speaking and is a highly sought after media expert.


Her exposure and credibility and exhaustive diligence has helped her to

secure opportunities she never would have considered without the media

we aqcuired. Our positioning for her as the Go-To expert for character education gave her a unique voice that resonated globally.


Dr. Borba has credited me in her books repeatedly and dedicated one to our friendship. Working with Michele Borba has been a powerful, insightful and magical journey, as I raised two daughters in the process. I credit her strategies in helping a single mom raise such caring and amazing young ladies.

"Working with Anne has changed my life personally and professionally.  It has been a dream come true to see my work published and featured on national media sites, and became a sought after media expert for national TV.  She follows through on everything she tells you she will do, and she knows exactly how to promote your unique brand. Anne is professional and brilliantly creative. Working with her has opened my career into a whole new world."

 ~ Dr. Sherrie Campbell,


Case Study


Dr. Campbell had recently written a new book on relationships and had an active practice in Southern California. We began working together, changing her website presentation, branding and creating highly impactful content to position on several leading websites. She was soon positioned with Good Morning America and E! Entertainment and other national TV outlets. Dr. Campbell continues to grow her business and is a sought after media expert.

"I made a decision years ago that I didn't want to work by myself anymore, and that I would surround myself with people smarter than me. That's why I connected with Anne Leedom. Thanks for being smarter than me and for giving my products a life and presence on the web!"

 ~ Winn Claybaugh, Motivation Author, Speaker, and Co-founder of Paul Mitchell – The School 

Shift your approach from 'exposure' to implementing highly effective PR strategies 

used by Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Oprah, Dr. Michele Borba,

Marianne Williamson, and thousands of experts worldwide.


 Emotional Branding creates loyalty.

              Loyalty provides you with countless ways to build your business and make a real impact on people's lives, 

based on strategically conveying your Emotional Profile and message.


"Branding is a unique and identifiable concept, graphically and emotionally presented, that creates a

loyal, memorable, and tangible reaction for a person, product or service."  ~Anne Leedom

Learn about the Emotional Branding Conversion Factor and how this crucial strategy

will help you break out and breakthrough to the next level and attract opportunities you seek.

Anne Leedom, Online Emotional Branding Architect, Media Placement and PR Expert 
The most respected and trusted name in Emotional Branding, Public Relations and Strategic Internet and Media Marketing since 1999.

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